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I am newbie here and very happy to be the part of this community.  I am Kelly Kevin from San Jose, United States.  I am a low level thinker and maker. And a dad and uncle who likes to show kids how things work. I have been working as freelance writer from past 6 yrs. I love to write for blogs as guest author. Writing is interesting if you love it. Otherwise you cannot write even one word. I have been part of the team running charity work for a few years – it is great to part of the team. And I heartily encourage anyone with an interest in making to come along – it is awesome.

Right now I am getting a “cafe coffee day” set up at South almaden boulevard, San Jose. And the Cafe Coffee Day will be open the whole time. It is a drop in space for people of all levels to come and get great coffee and have fun.
I am not a big fan of any site.  But I have found "babinet" to be a wonderfully inspirational shared space to explore with people who love their cats. And I am really excited to part of this forum. Normally I do not like to create account in every post I visit. But this is something really different.

The diabetes is a very controllable disease in cats. Diabetes happen when the cat’s pancreas no longer produces the levels of insulin needed to permit the body’s cells to use glucose for energy. Or when the cat's body becomes "insulin-resistant" and cannot use the available insulin properly. Sugar builds up in the blood and urine, causing the kidneys to work overtime trying to rid the body of the excess sugar. The cat eats more and more, in an attempt to get the fuel required to live on.

However, with good medical management, careful watching on your part and perhaps a change in diet, your cat can live a relatively normal life for many years. Your veterinarian is the best person to advise you about your own cat.

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