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Galaxies, the universe is always interesting things make us curious and always wanted to learn, even dream to get to that place - far beyond the Earth invasion! Before punching yourself in the galaxy wallpaper to admire the beauty and mystery HYC learn some information about galaxies offline!
Galaxies contain lots of planets, star systems, star clusters and types of interstellar clouds. In between these objects is the interstellar medium include air, dust and cosmic rays. The supermassive black hole at the heart of most galaxies. They can be the source for the active galactic nucleus found in some galaxies at the center. The astronomers also know that at the heart of the Milky Way has at least one giant black hole.
For reasons of history that galaxies are classified according to their appearance, shape, often called morphology and their clear. One common form is the elliptical galaxy, but its overall shape like ellipse (or blocks ellipsoid 3D). Shaped spiral galaxy with a disk containing the spiral arm of star-dust and other celestial bodies. These galaxies have unusual shapes are arranged in irregular galaxy, most of which is derived from the combination gravitational interactions with neighboring galaxies. This type of interaction between galaxies close to each other, which eventually led to the merger between them, sometimes with a significant increase in the chance formation of stars led to the concept of the galaxy explosion lie. Small galaxies that lack of synchronization structures also fall in irregular galaxy types.
The galaxy has three main morphological types: elliptical, spiral, and anomalies. In addition a more detailed description of the structure of galaxies based on their shape is the Hubble sequence outlined in his classification. Because this sequence completely based on the clear morphology of the galaxy, this classification does not show a number of important characteristics of galaxies such as star formation rate (in galaxies exploding stars) and the works work in the center (in active galaxies)
Ministry galaxy wallpaper with content surrounding the macro world and the vast universe around us, when you look at it, you will feel sort pleased by the immense beauty by dark tones but no less mainstream vibrant and full of magnificent painting. If you are a lover of nature wallpaper, literature, the picture below would be a perfect choice and it will enrich a collection your hd wallpapers.

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Galaxy wallpaper are an attractive option for hd images. If you are a galaxy lover you want to install this type of wallpaper on your phone. Galaxy wallpaper will give a calming effect to the person looking at it. You can install self-nature click on the photos as love wallpaper. You can also share the wallpaper with like minded people. There is no shortage of websites offering nature photos as wallpapers. wallpapers animals are also under 3d wallpaper. You can get the beautiful images of wildlife from around the world. Images of flowers, birds and wild animals add freshness to the person who sees it. The images of streams and ice-capped mountains are also a good choice as wallpapers of nature. People who love adventure can have the images of the wild to decorate the screen. You can change free desktop wallpapers when you get bored of a single image.

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