Holčička — 26. 11. 2006 11:45

Hi, guys,
have you ever been an Au pair? How long and where? What is your experience?

I was in England, nine months and I was more "cleaning lady" than Au pair. Our family was very rich and realy posh and proud.
I couldn´t agree with their training up the children - that was the biggest problem between us.

So, what about you?

eva4444 — 28. 11. 2006 9:09

Hi girl,

I was au-pair 7 weeks in USA. My family wanted help just for summer holidays, they had 2 year old twins. They were very nice to me, I had to work 30  hours a week only and then I worked in their small garden and they paid me extra for that. They live near San Francisco and we went for 2 weeks to Sierra Nevada for holidays. It was wonderfull place: we were almost 2000m above see, but it was hot weather anyway and we could swim in a clean lake by our cottage. Than big forest fires came near to our place and we were sick of smoke, but anyway I remember this holidays like one of the best in my life. I could feel like a family member, I was surprised a man washed the dishes etc. When I wanted to help, he said no, you have your free time now. He worked in NASA as programer of Mars walker. The children were spoiled, they could do everything and hardly ever heard: No. So I prefered to do cleaning then to be with 2 children.

Michaela.43 — 29. 11. 2006 20:23

Hi girls,
but I think zou enjoyed  your  stay - work in foreigner country.I mean now you know a lot about those countries where have  you been for some time. Once the family wasn´t  so...as you wished, but it was a very good experience  for you.

Holčička, Eva - what are you doing now? Do  you use your English veery day? Or just sometimes?You must prove it...You have to prove it...


sunyata — 29. 11. 2006 22:23

Hello ex or/and  current au-pairs. I live in USA for good. I am very versatile so as an addition to my everyday job enjoying to do all kinds of other work. I am not an clasical au-pair but from time to time I do some babysitting for families. I usually develop a friendship with the parents if they weren't my friends before. And my boyfriend and daughter benefit from our friendship as well. Some families raise their kids very consciously, some don't. It's not only a problem of USA. It's same like everywhere else. My personal opinion about the difference between US and Czech children training-raising styles...... I love to see kids with healthy self-esteem and believing in themselves and that's something what I don't see naturally occuring in Czech mentality.

alexxandra — 30. 11. 2006 11:43

I have spent a year and a half in London as an Aupair (5 years ago). I swapped Indian family for Greek family but I never had a reason to complain. It was such a great experience. In the first family I took care of two girls Marianne and Marissa (in that time they were 8 and 10) they helped me to improove my English a lot! I lived in Woodford Green (Essex) and afterwords I moved to Potters Bar (near High Barnet location). In my Greek family I was helping with raising up two years old gilr Sophia and later with newborn baby. Great experience - now I´m mummy too so I already know what it is about. I can recommend it to all girls, after my return back to Czech Republic I had bigger chance to have better job. I worked in the hotel reception at first, now I work at the Embassy. But first I have studdied English at school so I had some basics which is quite important. I have just improoved my conversation and I have learnt some more! So go ahead and good luck.

sunyata — 30. 11. 2006 20:24

Alexxandra, so those families you were living with weren't typical white British. What did you learn about their traditions and customs? What did they cook?

Simona Janoušková — 3. 12. 2006 23:25

It is always very interesting to learn more about traditions of other cultures. Alexandra, you had opportunity to see 3 cultures in one land, it sounds good.

Rani — 29. 12. 2006 21:56

Hi everybody,
haven´t been here on babinet for ages but must admit it has proved a lot. So happy to find this English speaking part, too.
I used to be an Au Pair... hundred of years ago :-D It was in Britain. I´ve changed two families and to be honest with you none of them was a very good experience...unfortunatly. But still as an experience for my future life it was absolutly fantastic. And I´m not talking about my English improvement only... ;-)
And as all fairytales have a happy end I met the love of my life there. So from my planned 1 year stay in Britain was finaly almost 6 years... Now I´m happy divorced and my heart is still in England. I´m not saying that I´m not happy in Czech but somehow Britain realy has become "my" country. The country my heart will belong to forever. If I don´t go at least once a year there I´d go mad...
And have a "souvenire" from there, too. My lovely son who reminds me of my best time in life I´ve ever had.
So if any of young girls are thinking about the idea of trying it I´d only recomend it. The good thing about the traveling and working abroad is that nowdays is no need for anyone to work as an Au-Pair, because at time when I did it there was no other legal way of getting there basicly. Anyway even that my experiences aren´t good I´d still recomend to try it because there is no better way of getting to know the people´s  culture and traditions then by working as an Au pair as you live with them and get to know them better. So girls don´t worry and try it. It although helped me a lot with my decissions about the job here in Czech, when I came back. And without my English God knows what would I do. :-)

Teresa55 — 31. 8. 2007 12:30

I wanna(when i will 18)going to Ireland...

sunyata — 31. 8. 2007 16:21

Teresa, learn English first

lilaa — 1. 9. 2007 14:54

Hi everybody,

I was an aupair in Netherland for 1 year. I wasn´t satisfied at all. Parents were very posh, althoug children were very nice 16 and 14 years old girls. The woman was pedant and despotic, she liked only university-educated and well-paid people.
But the Netherland is very beautiful country, it´s worth to see it:tesi:

Alicele — 19. 5. 2008 13:47

Hi everybory,
I was an au-pair in England.
I stayed in Brighton for 4 monts and was only cleaning lady - 6,5 hours per day and cooking for 12 person. There were 6 students for accomodation and dinner.
I didn´t know about it before.....
When I said lady that I would like to finish my working for their family she was very angry and wanted me to do the worst work as clean dunny. Than she called to the agency that will be great me to go away as soon as possible.
She didn´t  pay me for 3 days and didn´t pay a cigarrets which I took her from Czech.
Another 8 months I stayed in London - Elstree and Borehamwood. Family was rich, there were 3 children - 3 weeks old boy, 5 years old boy and girl 9 years.
I was there as cleaning lady, they didn´t need babysit so all evenings I had free.
I missed there a friendly family.
But Brighton and London are really nice towns and I hope that I can returd there for a few days.

Have a nice day,


Lucie_82 — 19. 8. 2008 22:33

Mind you (at the risk of being :offtopic: ) it is not just going somewhere to do an au-pair which can mediate the foreign culture. Nowdays there are a lot of opportunities to study abroad or to work there. Back at the high school, I spent a year at a boarding British school and I have to admit that it also was an ultimate cultural experience :lol: